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Zeolite Application

Zeolite Application

Zeolites are a group of naturally occurring minerals that have a unique porous structure. These minerals have many applications in various fields such as water purification, and agriculture.

One of the most common uses of zeolites is in water treatment. Zeolites have a high capacity to absorb heavy metals, ammonia, and other toxins, making them ideal for water filtration. They can also remove contaminants such as radionuclides, viruses, and bacteria.

In agriculture, zeolites are used as soil amendments to improve soil quality and plant growth. They can improve water retention in the soil, increase nutrient availability, and reduce soil acidity. Additionally, zeolites can be used as a slow-release fertilizer by encapsulating nutrients within their porous structure.

Overall, zeolites have a wide range of applications due to their unique porous structure and chemical properties. They offer many benefits in various industries and are becoming increasingly important in the pursuit of sustainable technologies.