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  • Zeolite


    2020-08-25 [ Industry News ]

    Zeolites are making headlines as scientists continue to discover new and exciting ways to utilize these unique minerals. Zeolites are a group of microporous minerals that have the ability to selectively adsorb molecules based on their size,......


  • Zeolite Application

    Zeolite Application

    2021-03-20 [ Industry News ]

    Zeolites are a group of naturally occurring minerals that have a unique porous structure. These minerals have many applications in various fields such as water purification, and agriculture. One of the most common uses of zeolites is in wat......


  • How zeolite turf infill works

    How zeolite turf infill works

    2023-05-06 [ Industry News ]

    Zeolite turf infill is a type of infill material used in artificial turf systems. It consists of small granules of zeolite, a naturally occurring mineral with unique properties, zeolite turf infill offers several advantages such as moisture......


  • Vermiculite for Starting Seeds

    Vermiculite for Starting Seeds

    2023-05-09 [ Industry News ]

    In recent agricultural developments, vermiculite has taken the horticultural world by storm as an essential aid for seedling growth. This naturally occurring mineral has gained widespread recognition for its remarkable properties, which pro......


  • How Is Zeolite Water Treatment Media Used In Water And Wastewater Treatment?

    How Is Zeolite Water Treatment Media Used In Water And Wastewater Treatment?

    2023-09-19 [ Industry News ]

    Water scarcity and pollution are global concerns that have led to the development of innovative water treatment technologies. Zeolite water treatment media is one such advancement that has gained prominence in recent years due to its except......