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25th Hortilorexpo IPM in Shanghai

25th Hortilorexpo IPM in Shanghai

Our Company is pleased to announce its successful participation in the 25th Hortilorexpo IPM held in Shanghai from April 13th to April 15th, 2023. While we regret not securing a booth this time, the event provided us with valuable opportunities to engage with clients, witness the widespread application of our products, and fuel our ambition for a future showcase.

The three-day exhibition served as a dynamic platform, attracting industry professionals, clients, and enthusiasts from around the world. Despite not having a dedicated booth, we were delighted to connect with existing and potential clients, strengthening our relationships and exploring new business avenues.

Furthermore, we were thrilled to see our products being widely utilized and appreciated throughout the exhibition. The sight of our offerings in action validated the quality, innovation, and value we bring to the flower and horticulture industry. It reaffirmed our position as a trusted provider and motivated us to pursue even greater opportunities for showcasing our product range.

While this experience had its share of regrets, it has also served as a catalyst for our determination to secure our own exhibition booth in the future. We are committed to leveraging this event's success, channeling our learnings, and investing in our brand visibility. With a dedicated booth, we will be able to showcase our exceptional products, engage directly with clients, and demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

Looking ahead, Our company eagerly anticipates the next exhibition, where we will proudly unveil our dedicated booth and showcase our innovative products to a larger audience. We remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the flower and horticulture industry, consistently exceeding expectations and delivering unmatched value to our clients.

For the latest updates on our participation in future exhibitions and our diverse range of products, we invite you to stay tuned to our official website and social media channels.