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Natural Mica Flakes
Natural Mica Flakes Natural Mica Flakes Natural Mica Flakes Natural Mica Flakes Natural Mica Flakes

Natural Mica Flakes

Product Description

Materials: Mica flakes, the natural rock-chips are made by natural mica flakes.

Colors: Black, silver white, brown, gold, bronze, light green, dark green etc.

Sizes: 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 5-8mm, 20-40mesh, 40-80mesh etc.


1. Natural colors, Metallic color, durable and beautiful, never fade, ECO friendly.
2. Compatible with all kinds of resins.
3. Acid and alkaline resistant.
4. High temperature and hot water resistance

5. Excellent Chemical Resistance
6. Extraordinary Resilience
7. Low Sound / Noise Deadening Qualities


As a decorative material, it is very good in retaining color, water proof, simulation quality, cold resistance and elasticity. It is not sticky when it’s hot and not crisp when it’s cold.

It takes on many bright colors. It is not only an excellent material for manufacturing stone-like coatings and granite coatings, but also a new decorative material for inner wall paints.


Mica Flakes make resinous flooring systems glisten with natural crystalline beauty.

Through a highly technical manufacturing process, the atom arrangement of the Mica minerals is separated into sheet-like pieces,

separated into natural color groups and broken down into standardized flakes sizes.

These unique flakes provide a natural metallic luster that cannot be achieved with other engineered minerals.  they can be mixed and matched to complement any decor.



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