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Diatomite Diatomite Diatomite Diatomite Diatomite


Product Attributes :

Diatomite can also be used in pots and containers to increase the porosity of soil and improve drainage. It is especially useful for container gardening, where proper drainage is crucial for the health of your plants. To use it in pots and containers, mix it into the soil before planting.


Product Description

Diatomite is a naturally mined mineral composed entirely of the skeletal remains of trillions of microscopic, unicellular plankton called diatoms. The porous aggregate particles wet rapidly and will absorb greater than 100% of their own weight in water, which they freely release to the surrounding soil and plant roots. It is Non toxic and contain Silica. Diatomite protects against rot, and can slowly release silica to orchids that love it. It is often used as a component in other orchid media.

Diatomite acts as a water and nutrient reservoir for plant roots enabling them to withstand common environmental stresses, such as drought and temperature extremes, more easily. Indefinitely stable and non-compactable, Diatomite Rock permanently improves the structure, drainage and oxygen exchange of heavy soils and horticultural growing media.


  • Increase the Water Holding Capacity of Your Soil
  • Prevents Water Retention & rotting of roots.
  • Slowly releases moisture to root system
  • Enhances Bloom of Orchids
  • Doesn't decompose 
  • Ideal for potting mixes

Main Sizes:

 0.2-0.8mm, 0.6-1.6mm, 1-3mm, 3-6mm, 5-10mm , 8-11mm, 15-30mm


  • Golf Course Management
  • Baseball and softball infields, green or skinned areas
  • 100% Potting soil and hydroponic growing medium
  • Flowers and plants, vegetables and fruit soil amendments
  • Functional or ornamental garden covering





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